Most asked questions

About web and mobile apps development

What is your experience in web and mobile application development?

We have extensive experience in web and mobile application development for various types of businesses and industries. Our team of experienced developers works with the latest technologies to create high-quality applications.

Can you show us examples of projects you have completed?

Yes, we have a project gallery on our website where you can see the types of projects we have completed. Simply click on 'References' in the menu. Feel free to check out the reviews left by our clients on Google describing their experience with us.

How do you manage delivery timelines and schedules?

We manage delivery timelines and schedules using rigorous project management methodologies to plan and track tasks. We are committed to meeting the agreed-upon delivery timelines with our clients and we provide regular updates on the progress of their projects.

How do you handle client changes and change requests?

We handle client changes and change requests using proven processes to assess and incorporate the changes. We are committed to listening to the needs of our clients and working with them to ensure that their project meets their requirements.

How do you ensure data security?

We take data security very seriously. We use security protocols that meet the highest standards to protect our clients' data and we comply with applicable security regulations. Additionally, we work with cutting-edge technologies to ensure data security.

How do you manage updates and maintenance of applications?

We manage updates and maintenance of applications using established processes to assess update needs and plan updates. We are committed to keeping our clients' applications up to date to ensure they function properly and meet their needs. New features are first made available on a development server for testing and approval before being deployed as updates.

What types of technologies do you use to develop applications?

We use the latest technologies to develop our applications, based on the specific needs of each project. We use technologies such as React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Typescript, Laravel for web applications, and React Native and Laravel for mobile applications.

What support services do you offer after project delivery?

We remain available after project delivery to ensure that the applications are functioning properly and continue to meet your needs. We also provide maintenance services to ensure that the applications remain up-to-date and secure. If there is a new need from your side or ours, we quickly estimate its implementation to develop an update.

What is your communication process with clients during project development?

We have a clear and effective communication process with our clients during project development. We maintain regular and transparent communication with our clients to ensure that their project meets their needs and keep them informed of the project's progress. We strive to provide quick responses to all inquiries.



What are your rates for custom web or mobile application development?

Our rates for custom web or mobile application development depend on the specificities of the project and the requested features. We provide a personalized quote for each project, based on our clients' needs. We work with our clients to develop a solution that fits their budget and expectations.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of our data during the development of our web or mobile application?

We place great importance on the confidentiality of our clients' data during the development of their web or mobile application. We use security processes and technologies to protect sensitive data. Additionally, we sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that all sensitive information remains confidential. We are committed to providing professional and quality service while safeguarding our clients' data.